May we introduce to you, the Grandmothers:


Aldona Čiūtienė

I still feel so positively linked with my grandmother, I remember how she shared her life’s experiences. Now, 60 years old and a grandmother to 3, I live with my husband in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Who am I? Seeker of myself, what can I do to help others to live in peace and harmony. I graduated at Vilnius University, Mathematic and Applied Informatics. I am a teacher in Aleksandras Stulginskis University more than 25 years. I like Nature, herbs and traditions of Lithuanian pirtis (steam bath), embedded in a wider Baltic tradition. With our h-fellowship we are practicing the art of water, steam, herbs and massages for healing and rehabilitation; attracting people to find inner peace and love, to connect to Nature, bringing balance and harmony. Furthermore it is a way of promoting ancient wisdom. I am also a yoga teacher (from 2005) especially for seniors and pregnant women; I do Ayurvedic cooking classes, and am in general interested in Living Food Lifestyle.

I would like to exchange experience of how to increase mental and physical activity, amongst older people and so enhance the quality of later life as well as inspiring the next generation to use their body, mind and mental strength to achieve peace of mind and eliminate negativity. I love chanting mantras and singing. I am part of the international Choir where we enjoy highly spirited joyful singing „We all are members of the same family bound by the religion of love… „


My name is Beate Heide, and I am a part of the Sami people of the north. To be a sami has been met by the majority in Norway with suppression – as many of the small indigious people around the world. To stand up as a sami has taken courage. And today I wear my native costume with pride, although I have lost my ancestors language.

I  am born in the north of Norway; above the Artic Circle  on a small island called Andøya. I love to be by the sea- and to go for hikes in the mountains. Growing up in a harsh nature and stormy weather, I really enjoy a good storm as much as a quite walk under the midnight sun.

I work as a section leader  in Statped, the supportsystem for children with disabilities in Noreway. I work with people with visual impairment. We offer an  pedagogical approch to the impairment.

I have 4 boys- from 37 to 18 of age; and I also have a fosterchild- age 19 now. I am 58 years of age myself.

I am  also a writer and i have written two Childrens books in Norwegian and Sami- about serious matters . In “Ida og Nordlyset” I write aout a little girl dying of cancer.The other book “Det knuste hjertet” is about living in fostercare.

As a part of indigious people I praise and admire Mother Earth and her strengt. I believe she will need all the help she can get to provide fresh air and water for everyone living on the planet earth today; as long with a fair charing of the food we produce amongst us.


HI my name is Bette Graham I am from Belfast which is part of the United Kingdom,
I am a grandmother, my two sons have 4 children between them.
My personal journey has taught me a lot about life’s lessons, I am very passionate about Human Rights I work with PPR ( Participation and Practice of Human Rights ) involving helping vulnerable people have their own voice, we are all human and deserving of Dignity and Respect…. PEOPLE! NATURE! THE WORLD!
I am also part of the personal Growth team at “Lifespring” health and healing here in Belfast.
As a grandmother My wish is through sharing my knowledge! experience! planting the seed in my grandchildren and others will strengthen them and their hope
so the next generation can live in a better, peaceful world…

about_Birgitta_Madeleine_SoederstroemBIRGITTA MADELEINE SÖDERSTRÖM

Birgitta Madeleine Söderström 53 years. Born in Södertälje, Sweden, a town soth of the capital Stockholm, where the whole world meets and learning to live together. I have worked for many years as director of health, healing work, shock / trauma treatment, care and labor issues. To coordinate several different approaches, methods, models, cultures, professions and organizations have also been a large part of my professional life. Now I also works with decorating / organizing esthetic and balanced environment so that flow occurs in the environment, relationships and production. Part-time I supervise operations and business leaders, teams and workgroups. During life I have discovered many of the different psykological and cultural views over the world in ways of connecting and relate to life and health. I live in the countryside in the middle of nature on an island, Mörkö, south of Stockholm. I have two grown up sons. I am also engaged in projects for local, close coordination on resources and the local power. My formal education in addition to all courses and life skills are pedagogic/psykologi/behavioral science, rhetoric and dependent states.


”I was born 60 years ago in Sweden and have been painting all my life. For a long period here in Toscany I was hiking with tourists from Scandinavia and Australia, mostly women groups. The last 10 years I have been giving Vedic Art workshops and lately I am involved with ‚Way of Nature‘, that I like to develop for grownups and children, to find the peace and love in and with the nature and ourselves.“



“I am from Lithuania and 58 years old. I have been a widow for four years and raised two children, a daughter, who is now 35 years old, and a son, who is now 28 years old. I have been on a spiritual path for about 20 years now, for 14 years I have been vegetarian. I have finished Lithuanian Veterinarian Academy. My life credo is my Teacher’s words: ‘When devotion becomes the only desire, life on Earth becomes life in Heaven.’ A Grandmother is the synthesis of love and wisdom. It’s time for grandmothers to spread light, peace and calmness in peoples’ hearts. It’s time for grandmothers to act…together in one team with the young eneration. I am happy and thankful for this invitation!”


I am a Swiss woman, aged 71, married for 48 years now. Our three sons are bringing three fine daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren into the family. Spending time with the grandchildren and the young families is a deep pleasure, an enrichment and one of the central elements of our present phase of life.

For 45 years we have lived in a farmhouse in the country with fruit trees, our own vegetables and the flowergarden. My professional career: elementary school teacher, therapeutic pedagogy, psychotherapist. I still work professionally on a small scale.

I was active in the Women for Peace movement, and engaged against the building of new nuclear power stations. In the last twenty years I headed the group for the protection of nature and the environment in our village. Since last autumn I have been active in a group of volunteers looking after the refugees who live in our village. My main themes are: a future fit for grandchildren, trust, humanity, justice, peace, taking care of nature, living in solidarity and cultivating uniqueness.

In the Council of European Grandmothers I would like to help to build peace bridges.


I am born 1953 and live in South-Germany. I have two adult daughters and I am happily married the second time. I studied science of education, psychology and sociology. In my major professional life I have been engaged in developing and managing social projects in the field of education.

Recently I am working as a consultant for personal transformation in combination with Feng Shui. All my life I have been involved in creative activities, for example working and playing in experimental theater and teaching it. In cooperation with my friend Otmar I made the film about the second meeting of European Grandmothers in Germany, September 2017.
I am deeply convinced that spirit, body and soul are a unity. This has always influenced my work.

My vision is to give power to and to develop an international network of man and women, who love and cherish our mother earth with all her beings and will contribute to balance the masculine and the feminine for example in social, cultural and ecological means.
I believe, that we are the people, we have been waiting for.

 about_HadeDeNeveHade De Nève

The Yoga teacher & Yoga teacher trainer from Belgium is 55 years young. “From little child on I have always been attracted to people outside, so it is not difficult to imagine my road towards yoga. Yoga became a family matter and every member of my family is involved in it for some 45 years. My “grandmother contribution” finds its way through the contact with people in the weekly yoga classes and the teacher training.

People explain their pains and sorrows, their sadness and happiness. I take this as a privilege and accept it with humility. It is stored somewhere within me and on a precise moment, I can offer something in an exercise, a way of trying a difficult pose, a little word of encouragement… For myself I try to be aware what happens in my mind. I found this message in Swami Nitya’s biography and took it as a vow to myself.

Finally I try to contribute, on a very small level, to the task we women have: we can give out of our hearts beyond our biological and physical capacities and there are no limits in time, age, gender, countries, religions and we all can meet in this finetuned energy out of the same nature and will go back to it one day!”

Helga Langer

“I am mother of four children, grandmother of five grandchildren, psychological psychotherapist, teacher and student of the great lessons of life and nature and the wisdom of old traditions in variouscultures. For 38 years I have been living in an old house with a big garden in a village near Lüneburg not far from Hamburg where I was born. I am 70 years old and I love my work, my life and also my age! I feel a deep respect for the culture of indigenous people and so I met the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers two years ago and was fascinated by them and their message. I visited Grandmother Flordemayo in New Mexico and she connected me with the German Grandmother Circle of the Externsteine. Since last year I am part of this circle

Last year I also met Swami Nitya at the Indigenous Council’s meeting in South Dakota and she invited me to this first gathering of European Grandmothers. My vision: I see many Councils of Grandmothers all over the world and they all are connected like a woven net. These Grandmothers will give much support in very insecure times.”



Irene Keller Gubler

I was born in 1961 in Zürcher Oberland in the German part of Switzerland. From childhood, nature, music, books, art, movement and travelling have been important to me. In my profession as a physio-therapist and shiatsu- therapist I assist people on their path through life. I look for a holistic reconnection to life through bodywork. Even though I find this connection on a regular basis, it continues to fascinate me.

As a participant in a multiplicity of mixed, small groups with many different themes in the beautiful nature environment where my family and our three (now grown up) children live, I feel the power of the circle again and again. I am aware that in a mindful interconnectedness of women and men of different backgrounds it is possible to live together in a peaceful way. My aim for the Council of the European Grandmothers is to share the experiences and wisdom I have accumulated to support the networking of many small circles in the bigger European area



I have always lived in Madrid, where I was born. I had the privilege ofspending nine months in the city, and three months of vacation and freedom on the beach. The sea was my constant companion for theenjoyment and it helped me to be aware of my abilities and when andwhere I needed to improve. I have two daughters, one is 34 years old and the other is 23. I havealways liked children of any age, including people who, despite the yearsthey have, enjoy what life has to o#er at all times.For 38 years I have developed business activity. Five years ago I saidgoodbye to my work and that situation made me reconsider my beliefs.Since then, I have had the opportunity to live differently, with a new deffinition of my list of priorities in life. I collaborate with several associations involved in improving the personaldevelopment of human beings.

I have studied and practiced Lacanianpsychoanalysis for 15 years. This experience has given me a deepknowledge of myself and the human race. I practice Arka Dhyanamethod of meditation that has opened me to be more sensitive andpositive.Participating with European grandmothers has made me understand thatlimits do not exist, all human beings are one and share the sameemotions and yearnings.We are spiritual beings, we have feminine and masculine energy, andboth are necessary for growth and therefore enjoy different ways ofperceiving life.

I firmly believe that we can live without destroying everything and givingMother Earth, our home, the importance it deserves. We are a very smallpart of the planet and without Mother Earth we cannot survive. My intention is to work to restore respect for the Wisdom of the Elderly,restoring the values of women, giving the inhabitants of this planetanother perspective of the world with more kindness and respect for alland especially for future generations.



Mary Grant, the former catholic nun from Ireland helped actively and selflessly traumatized families during the period of riots between North and South Ireland.

In the following years she dedicated herself to the old Irish-Celtic spirituality and aroma therapy. With the help of essential oils, mixed due to Irish mythology, she cures traumatized people even today, and with her organisation „Lifespring“ she trains others nowadays in this form of therapy.


MaryAnne Gosling lives in Dundalk which is a border town halfway between Dublin (Republic of Ireland) and Belfast (Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain). Her life has led her to explore and study many different strands of healing traditions. The discovery that her body was not functioning as nature intended and that the medical recommendation was to ‘whip out the womb’ was the trigger which led her to explore natural healing methods.

That decision saved her womb and set her firmly on the healing path. Her focus in life is raising awareness about universal Inclusiveness – she shares with people her knowing, encouraging and fostering in others, that the mind, the emotions, and the spirit, are part of healing and transformation – that all healing comes from within. Part of this is an Inclusive Holistic approach to Education regarding Lifestyle, Eating Nourishing Foods, the importance of Water, and Exercise.

She offers ‘hand’s on’ classes in her kitchen to help people transition to Healthy Eating and also classes in Living Food Preparation. MaryAnne believes that this new grouping of European Grandmothers has the potential to be a sacred well of healing for the wounds festering on Mother Earth and in all her children.


I am german born but living in Iceland since 1976. I just fall in love with this country, travelling around in 1973/74. I am a harp player, therefore I applied for the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, I got the position in 1976, since 2012 I am retired. Music is very important way for me to touch people: the feelings and the heart. I released a meditation CD in 2012 „Óður til Jarðar“ (Ode to the Earth).

Since 1980 I am working as touring guide in Iceland and Greenland. It is important for me to open eyes of people for Nature and Mother Earth. This is not so difficult here in Iceland to get a glimpse of force of nature, it is wild and powerful, uncivilized, ice and fire, earthquakes and blizzards, you can not tame it only arrange with it.

By all my heart I desire a more peaceful world, more respect for nature and human beings and not the living in the dominance of masculine principles. Though we are a group of woman here in Iceland working and celebrating together, I love to be a part of an international network, the Grandmothers Council: starting by ourselves and return to a new future, for our planet and for our children. I have one doughter and one grandchild.


The acclaimed Italian ballerina moved on to a spiritually inspired dance. “Being a dancer, an actress, a dance therapist, a holistic counselor. Using Art as a tool of space quality to enter our capacity of creation, to create from our inside. Dancing on a principle of movement which is entering the field of energy and the thousands capacities of manifesting.

Working through therapeutic investigation and seeing the nature of the mind and how to transform our old weakening patterns. Sharing, listening to others who are just the same as we are…One. The female principle is that capacity of bringing all of us back to that primal ancient seed.”


“I, Elisabeth Bauer, was born in 1956 the youngest of three children to farmers and owners of an inn in a village of Lower Austria. My childhood was good, though I learned early, due to being a landlord’s daughter, to keep my opinion to myself and I took my long to express myself freely. In Krems I graduated in „Economic Womens‘ Professions“ and started my own way as a bank clerk. When my daughter Kathrin was six months old, I became a single mother with loving help from Grandpa and Grandma. Upon meeting my present husband Leo, who is a father of three boys, we turned into an extended family, but got married only in 2013. We were already grandparents then oft two lovely little girls. At the age of 50 I made a cut and ended my professional life.

Now I follow my favorite occupations – love my garden, where I grow herbs, collect and dry them for teas. My main focus is on guiding my granddaugther Anna-Sophie on her way. I want to contribute in my own small way, to improve the world I live in.“


My name is Soizig Paget, I was born 1954 in Britanny, France, into a family with celtic roots (that‘s where my !rst name is coming from)After passing my childhood in Kamerun, Africa, my family shifted back to France. At the age of 19 I studied German and Spanish at the University of Vienna.

In the early seventees, my husband Robert and me started ecological farming, rearing goats and water bu/alos, making cheese and developpinga living out of this experiment.

We have a daughter (36) and a son (34) and 3 grandchildren. Our daughter and her family are living on the farm, too.I have been teaching French for students and adults for many years. Later,I passed exams in social consulting and mentoring, Reiki, meditation practice and other social orientated techniques and opened up a studio at the farm.Small groups meet there and exchange their experience in nature rituals, songs and dances, traditional knowledge, etc…Getting older, more and more I discovered the power and beauty of nature. I intensivated my garden work, learned more about the use of flowers and medicinal herbs, such as water destillation and natural cosmetics.

Living on the farm together with three generations means something like apresent and a grace to me, watching the children grow up in the middle of what we have built up as a community during the past 40 years. I feel the responsibility to open up the senses of our children and grandchildren for the beauty and uniqueness of nature and to link the traditions with modern way of living in order to widen our horizon.Daily contact with the garden and Mother Earth gives me a strong support for all our hopes and visions and strenghtens my respect for people, animals and for environment.I am very thankful to be welcomed in your community and would love to share my experience and time with you. I am happy to meet you all very soon.



The Holistic Therapist was born in Athens, Greece in 1948. She graduated the Pedagogical School of Athens and pursued her studies according to Montessori’s method in London and Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy in Paris. From 1979 on she was trained as a facilitator of „Café Ecole”- method by Constantin Fotinas for Holistic Development in Athens. She was also trained by him in his “Minimal Movement and Meditation” and in assisting people in their final phase of earthly life. Sofia became also a student of the wellknown painters Fassianos and Chatzinikoli. In Kyoto she learned Classic Japanese dance (Buyo) and Anti-Dance (Butoh). In India she has been a student of Teacher Training Program of the Yoga Himalayan Tradition since 2010 and received her Yoga Teacher Certificate this year. She founded and taught at the nursery school called “Our school” in Glyfada, Athens on the premises of Café Ecole, adapted for children. She leads selfawareness, psychotherapy and minimal movement workshops with Yoga and meditation, focussing on parents, teenagers and primary school children, and coordinates the activities of the „Constantin Fotinas- Café Ecole” in Chalandri, Athens. She wrote the book “Our life…a fairy tale”. „I have two daughters and three grandchildren and I consider all of them my teachers.“

The Holistic Therapist was born in Athens, Greece in 1948. She graduated the Pedagogical School of Athens and pursued her studies according to Montessori’s method in London and Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy in Paris. From 1979 on she was trained as a facilitator of „Café Ecole”- method by Constantin Fotinas for Holistic Development in Athens. She was also trained by him in his “Minimal Movement and Meditation” and in assisting people in their final phase of earthly life. Sofia became also a student of the wellknown painters Fassianos and Chatzinikoli. In Kyoto she learned Classic Japanese dance (Buyo) and Anti-Dance (Butoh). In India she has been a student of Teacher Training Program of the Yoga Himalayan Tradition since 2010 and received her Yoga Teacher Certificate this year. She founded and taught at the nursery school called “Our school” in Glyfada, Athens on the premises of Café Ecole, adapted for children. She leads selfawareness, psychotherapy and minimal movement workshops with Yoga and meditation, focussing on parents, teenagers and primary school children, and coordinates the activities of the „Constantin Fotinas- Café Ecole” in Chalandri, Athens. She wrote the book “Our life…a fairy tale”. „I have two daughters and three grandchildren and I consider all of them my teachers.“


German by birth (1945), naturalised British, originally studied Theology; her university studies soon expanded to Education, Psychology, Philosophy and Art and Design (Ceramics). At the centre of her ongoing studies and teachings always is the subject of ‘Self-awareness’. Life in Asia awakened her interest in Eastern Philosophy (Taoism and Zen) and led to the Zen-arts of Raku (as an artist potter she exhibited worldwide) and Shiatsu.

In 1997 she made her Doctorate in Ecophilosophy on the subjects of the Mahabhutas (Five Great Elements) a universal concept shared by many wisdom-traditions around the globe. In the same year she was awarded a ‘World-Peace Prize’ for contributions to World Peace (LGWPF / NGO of UN). As artist and philosopher merged more and more, a unique combination emerged of deep involvement in Meditation, Sattipahana (mindfulness) and Ngal So; as well as the contemplative practices of Jnana Yoga and Vedanta.

Throughout, she worked with several great spiritual Masters among them Zen-Masters, great Siddhas, the Tibetan Lama and Tulku T.Y.S. Gangchen, great Himalayan Masters. She took samnyasa (becoming a traditional Indian renunciate and teacher) in 2003 from Swami Anubhavananda and confirmed her vows in a traditional Vedic ceremony with Swami Veda Bharati in 2007. Swami Nityamuktananda continues to travel the globe as a reknown spiritual teacher and guide.


I am a lover of Nature. I was born and raised in an Africa where Africans still greeted each other through the heart. It was sitting at the feet of old African men quietly smoking their pipes around an open fire where I first tasted a time-less peace for which there is no name.

The longing to know more about this state has directed the course of my life, first into studying Psychology and then various methods of meditation. Finally after meeting the philosopher and yogi Srinivas Arka about 20 years ago, I settled on the heart-based method of meditation he developed and which is based on touch sound and breath and know as Arka Dhyana or Intuitive meditation (IM.) This led me back to University where my Ph.D thesis involved the scientific investigation of this method.

Meditation and the inner journey was also what helped me make sense of the multiple miscarriages I had experienced by bringing me to new understandings of who we are and how we function.

In Spain where I live, I also help run a non-profit organization dedicated to the discovery of the Self and our connection with Nature and Universe. I also share the IM method and what I have learnt on my personal journey for as we come closer to who we really are, we come closer to Nature outside. My path has also included the importance of growing and eating healthy fresh foods. Although I am not a mother nor do I have grandchildren, I am also concerned about the future of all young people so these days my path also involves animating others to find their own way.

And at the end of our lives here, well I would like us all to feel we had done our best to leave our incredibly beautiful home better than we found her. I am hoping that being part of a group of mature women from many different countries, backgrounds and cultures, will help achieve this.


My name is Toni Tanderup.I`m 60 years old, I have worked as a teacher for 34 years. I`m married and live in Copenhagen; I have 3 children, one granddaughter and a big dog. I spend a lot of time with creative interests, handcrafting of different kinds and I love taking care of my garden.I frequent museums and art exhibitions and enjoy travelling to cities and places around Europe.


“I like thinking about myself as a ‚playing human‘. My childhood in Norway gave me many opportunities for play, outdoors and inside, winter and summer. I know playing also from my time as a kindergarten teacher. The attitude in playing brought me into stories. Fairy tales, myths and legends have shown me the wonders of wisdom, the marveling at being here. It is very important to me to keep the tradition of passing on stories orally. I have mostly created my working places myself.

First I lead my own kindergarten and then I became a consultant for the creation of free air kindergartens‘ in my home town Trondheim. Later, I had a living history house from the 19th century in an old city house. I concluded my working life as a guide in the Norwegian mountains with three wonderful lama animals; I called those tours trekking and storytelling. Thinking about the future, the word solidarity comes up: solidarity and empathy with people who are in trouble in this world that we all share.”


My name is Wenche Nordberg, born in Oslo in 1956.
I moved to Denmark in start 80th, and now I am living in a little village outside Copenhagen with my husband. We have 2 sons. I am working in a kindergarten which is placed in a forest outside town. To work with children, nature and creativity is of great importance for me. My spiritual seeking is also an important part of my life, with meditation and qi gong. I like to exercise; walking, cycling, skiing and swimming in the sea, summer and winter.


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